Chinese factory of T-shirt plastic shopping bags, poly bags, flat food bags, produce bags and garbage bags.
Stefan Glimm Europe Packing

The plastic packing bag requirement is increasing in China and Europe this year. Howevery, Flexible Packaging Europe member companies, representing about 80% of the European turnover, have expressed concerns about the current raw material supply situation, during their recent collective meeting in Croatia. More than 30 declarations by the leading polymer suppliers in Europe, coming …
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bin liner manufacturer

Bin Liner is a british english term that has the same meaning with garbage bag in American English. It is a ​plastic ​bag that people put inside a trash bin to holding ​waste. Trash Bins Since the world war two and economic growth all over the world, there are more and more garbages generated. According …
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plastic bag recycling

Plastic bag is a common thing that we can see in our daily life. In outdoors we can find also many discarded poly bag along the roads. Due to the chemical structure of the polyethylene the polybag is hard to degrade in the nature and become the main source of white pollution. The organizor would …
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plastic bag manufacturers

Do you like plastic bag or paper bag more? Many say it looks like the paper bag is more enviroment friendly because medias say the use of poly bag will make the climate change worse and the marine creatures will suffocate. As a matter of fact, people mis-understand the danger of plastic bags. They think …
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plastic tshirt bag size format china factory

The t-shirt bags is different with flat bags main in sides and gussets. The standards in trading is fixed. Below picture is a sample of how business mark the bag size. There are mainly three kinds of size format of the bag in the globe. The seller and buyer should agree on the size format …
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plastic bag manufacturer china

The plastic bag manufacturers in USA are taking measures to get a 2nd ballot proposal before California voters, who will go to the polls in October to decide whether to make a statewide ban on plastic shopping bags. Under a new initiative, voters could also be asked to direct any money retailers charge for reusable …
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