Chinese factory of T-shirt plastic shopping bags, poly bags, flat food bags, produce bags and garbage bags.
Clear Bread Bags manufacturers in China

The plastic bread bags are made of polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE). The bag has high clarity, high quality with side gusseted. Poly bread bags are good for home kitchens to bakeries and food service industries. Plastic bread bags are made to preserve freshness of various kinds of breads, biscuits or sandwiches or bakery items. Sealed …
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t-shirt bag blue striped candy china manufacturer

According to the latest, Afghanistan Footbal Association is going to set up a meeting between Barcelona superstar and youngster who got famous by wearing a blue candy striped plastic vest t-shirt bag on the internet. Murtaza Ahmadi is a five-year-old young fan whose picture was widely spread around the world. He is set to meet …
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food bag on a roll china polybag manufacturer

PE flat bag is hugely served as packing of food in supermarkets in China and other countries. This article will teach you how to tell whether the flat bag on roll meets the “food grade” standards. According to China GB9687 Sanitary Standards of Polyethylene Packing for Food and Techinical Requirements for Enviroment, Safety and Marking …
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plastic shopping bag walmart china manufacturers

From on Feb. 9 2016, Walmart customers in Canada will be have to pay five cents for each plastic bags when they checkout, with reusable bags available for a price of 25 cents each bag. Walmart said this policy already in other countries has reduce the half of plastic bags consumed by the supermarket. Walmart …
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plastic food bags china manufacturer

According to the press release from Mauritius goverment, this country is going to ban the use of t-shirt plastic bags and roll-on bags. According to the press release, hdpe plastic bags block gutters and drains, harm farm animals and wildlife and pollute the soil as they slowly break down in many years. The goverment of …
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can liner bin liner black drawstring trash bag

Elmira residents who have black garbage bags they can’t use because of the city’s new clear-bag requirement have an opportunity to exchange them for clear bags next week. From 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, city residents can bring up to 45 clean, unused colored garbage bags to be exchanged one-for-one for clear …
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