Chinese factory of T-shirt plastic shopping bags, poly bags, flat food bags, produce bags and garbage bags.
produce bags on roll china supplier

Produce bag is a term widely used in Western world especially in United States and Europe for plastic bags for food and greens. It’s a kind of HDPE bag made of HDPE plastic and other materials with standard bag manufacturing process. Most produce bag manufacturers are located in China and some other Asian countries. The …
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hdpe flat bags china supplier

We are a major supplier of flat bags for United States, Europe, Australia, etc. The flat bags are mainly for shopping and food bags, produce bags, etc. We can not only produce clear plastic flat bags but also can custom print the bags for clients as required by customers. Clear food bags are mostly used …
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plastic carrier bags vest bags

The lightweight plastic carrier bag made headlines across the globe during 2008 – but, unfortunately, for the wrong reasons. Far from being recognised as an example of engineering genius, the T-shirt carrier bag has been vilified. And not for what it does, but for what people do not do with it; use it and dispose …
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bin liners china manufacturer

A bin bag or bin liner or garbage bag or trash bag is a disposable bag used to contain rubbish or trash or garbage. Such bags are useful to line the insides of waste containers to prevent the insides of the trash cans and bins from becoming coated in waste material. Most bin liners today …
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drawstring garbage bag trash bin bag rubbish bag

Drawstring plastic garbage bags is a kind of trash bag with drawstring at the top of the bag. Our company is able to make all kinds of bin rubbish bags including this kind. It is easy to use and keep the hands tidy after using this kind of trash bags. The color of drawstring trash …
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black garbage bags on roll star sealed bags china manufacturer

We are one of the largest manufacturer of garbage bags in China. Our production capacity enable us to proudce high quality trash bags at an affordable price. Why Buy Garbage Bags from Us 1. High quality 2. Competitive price 3. Different sizes and colours OEM 4. Best Service The lead time of garbage bags is …
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