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Our company is a plastic bag manufacturer exporting to Belgium and its neighboring countries in Europe. Belgium is a country located in Western Europe. And the founding member of the European Union. Our factory is specialized in the manufacture of bin liner, food bags, shopping bags etc.

When shopping at a food market in Europe over ten years ago,  consumers have to bring their own shopping bag or pay for one. Even this is small inconvenience but was a wonderful idea. A few years later on chain store Publix is offering reusable shopping bags.

Nowadays there seem to be less reusable bags and no sign of ever limiting plastic bags. Why isn’t United States keeping up with other Europe and Australia in becoming more environmentally responsible?

The industry shows plastic bag usage has slumped by around 80% in UK. The UK’s largest retailer Tesco said in December that the number of bags had been slashed by 78% since the charge was introduced, while at Morrisons, plastic bag consumption was cut 80% in its stores. Each major retailer is required under the regulations to report to the government by the end of April so the whole picture of plastic bag consumption should become clear.

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The capital city of Belgium is Brussels. Belgium has an area of 30500 square kilometres and about 11 million people are living in the city. The plastic packaging industry is very advanced and fast developing in this country. The most importantly, there are huge demand of poly bags and garbage bags in households.

The population is about 60% Dutch-speaking and 40% French-speaking. There are other portions of populations are Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African etc.