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Bin Liner For Garbage Recycle

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Bin Liner is a british english term that has the same meaning with garbage bag in American English. It is a ​plastic ​bag that people put inside a trash bin to holding ​waste.

Trash Bins

Since the world war two and economic growth all over the world, there are more and more garbages generated. According researches, 3.5 million tons rubbish are generated everyday in the world. That means billions tons of waste need to managed every year. A lot of dustbins are invented and used for this purpose.

Public place bin is has a lid and black body with two wheels. It is the one that is collected weekly before the house or in public places. It has the option of different sizes – 80 litre, 120 litre and 240 litre. Office and home bin is a bit smaller. It contains papers, kitchen waste, useless packaging etc. The size is like 10 litre, 20 liter, 50 liters, etc. In the united states they use gallon instead of liters.

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Liner for Bins

The plastic garbage bag is actually the bin liners. It protects the trash can from being contaminated by the waste. The poly film is able to seperate the trash from other thing. The polybag can keep the smell inside of itself. The bin liner can be manufactured on a roll, with a hanlde, or with drawtape pp line to make it more convenient to seal the bag.

As the world grows we should care the earth more carefully. Plastic bag manufacturers make the polybag with HDPE and LDPE Polyethylene, which is a very common plastic in the 21st century. There are various colors but the main kind of black. We produce, export and wholesale the poly sacks.