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Can Liners Trash Bag, Plastic Bag for Garbage

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Can liners are common plastic used at home and offices. They are disposable plastic bags for one time use only. It has more size choices than t-shirt plastic bag.

Can Liners By Gallon

3-6 gallon
7-10 gallon
12-16 gallon
20-30 gallon
32-33 gallon
42 gallon
40-45 gallon
50 gallon
55-60 gallon
56 gallon
64&65 gallon
95-96 gallon


LINEAR LOW DENSITY (LLD) LLDPE trash bags are strong, flexible and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. They are ideal for kitchen trash, construction debris or trash that includes glass, metal, wood, cardboard or irregular shaped items.

Whatever your trash bag needs, we have the right one for you. Deskside, Restrooms, Kitchen & Cafeteria, Warehouse, Contractor, Recycling, Wheeled Rollout Cart , High Traffic Areas.

HIGH DENSITY (HD) can liners are a more cost-effective option. Manufactured from different resins, they are thinner than Linear Low Density bags and are not as puncture rcan liners garbage bag trash poly bag chinaesistant, yet they can carry very heavy loads.

Whatever your trash bag needs, we have the right colors for you. Black, White, Blue, Clear, Green, Red can liners, Orange, Yellow, Pink Trash Poly Bags. As a manufacturer of can liners in China, we are able to make all kinds of poly bags to meet customer needs.