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Clear Bread Bags For Food

The plastic bread bags are made of polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE). The bag has high clarity, high quality
with side gusseted. Poly bread bags are good for home kitchens to bakeries and food service industries. Plastic bread bags are made to preserve freshness of various kinds of breads, biscuits or sandwiches or bakery items. Sealed properly with twist ties to make sure that the bread stays fresh longer.

The Advantage of Poly Bread Bags

Bread bags made from poly is cheaper than paper bags. It is easy to handle and clean. The most important is the plastic bags can be recycled rather than the paper bags. The recycled bread bags can be reused to make low quality garbage bags. Due to the cleanness requirement, all the food bags are manufactured with food grade virgin poly to make sure the healthy.

Clear Bread Bags manufacturers in China

As a manufacturer of plastic bread bags in China, we offer many kinds of poly bag including clear t-shirt bags, shopping bags, food bags, garbage bags and so on. Our factory is one of the largest supplier in China. If you are interested in any kind of polybags, we will be able to supply good quality and great service.