To make orders it is always good to know our delivery terms.

Delivery the Polybags Anywhere

As a supplier of plastic bags from China, our company is able to deliver the poly bags to almost everywhere in the world. No matter you are in Asia, Americas, Europe or Africa, our logistic partner send our bags to you in containers by ship and trucks. Even you are inland there will be no barrier.

Customized Made Bag Samples

Maybe you only have the protype of the design, or your customer is willing to buy the polybag from you. Just communicate with us and you can get the one stop service from our company. We not only produce, but also design.


After everything agreed and a contract made, we start production immediately in our factory, which is located in mainland China. Based on the order quantity, we are able to finish the production and loading in 20-30 days.


FOB is an international trading term which means free on board. Consignee (mostly buyer) will handle the container booking and freight cost. Under the Incoterms 2010 standard, FOB defines ownership transfer. The owner of the goods is responsible for damage or loss after the containers are handled to buyer at Chinese port. Click to know more about FOB.

CIF on the contract includes cost, insurance & freight. Its similar term is CFR – Cost and Freight (named port of destination). In this case, the buyer only need to provide the port name and the manufacturer in China should send the containers to the appointed port. Any loss or damages before arrival should be shouldered by the supplier.