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China Made Drawstring Plastic Garbage Bags

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Drawstring plastic garbage bags is a kind of trash bag with drawstring at the top of the bag. Our company is able to make all kinds of bin rubbish bags including this kind.

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Easy to use Garbage Bags for home, hotel, etc.

It is easy to use and keep the hands tidy after using this kind of trash bags. The color of drawstring trash bags can be black, white, blue, green etc. and hdpe/ldpe material to be made with heavy duty.

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Different sizes of drawstring plastic bags are available and we can fully customize the bags from size to color to printing, etc. Our factory put quality in first place and the production can finish the production timely. Before any order please send us an email to request for price. It’s better to inform us the design and target price for faster communication.

Drawstring plastic garbage bag use

Drawstring plastic garbage bags are widely used in house, home, hotels, hospital, factories, labs, office, kitchen, restaurants, etc.
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We make nice packaging for drawstring garbage bags.
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