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Use of Plastic in Packaging

Our company is a wholesale supplier of plastic shopping bags. The commercial success of plastics as a packaging product is due to a combination of flexibility (from poly bags to rigid applications), strength, lightness, stability, impermeability. These features make plastics an ideal packaging material for all sorts of commercial and industrial users.

Plastics food bag, for instance, does not affect the quality of the food. Actually, the plastics film can ensure that food keeps its natural taste while protecting it from external air. Moreover, the material’s unparalleled versatility is demonstrated in a multitude of applications such as packaging films for fresh meats, bottles for beverages, greens, fruits and produce.

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The following are just some of the benefits offered by t-shirt plastic bags:

The lightest packaging material: While over 60% of European goods are packaged in plastics,  the plastics only account for 18% of total weight of packaging materials. Furthermore, weight of plastic bags has been reduced by 25% over the past nine years!

Plastic Food  Bags

Lightweight packaging means cheaper cost to ship the final products, helping to reduce transportation energy, decrease emissions and lower the product price. It also helps reduce the amount of waste generated by consumers.

Food conservation and preservation: Plastics packaging protects and preserves perishable food for longer. It helps reducing waste and the use of preservatives while keeping the taste and nutrition of food.

Convenient and innovative: nowadays people want packaging with clear identification and labels which is easy to use and dispose. Plastics packaging evolves to provide exactly that. In the future the manufacturers will integrate printable RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chips based on conductive polyethylene, providing precious information on the quality and status of food and fruits.

Safe and hygienic: Plastic packaging protects against contamination of foods and medicine and helps prevent the spreading of contaminants during manufacture, wholesale and retailing. Self closures provide additional protection and security, while transparent plastic bags allows people to look at food without having to open it and cause damage to the food.