biodegradable plastic bags china

Food Grade Plastic Bags

Since the invention of plastic poly bags, they have been utilized long time as a main method of packing food. The thing is mostly wet and would contaminate the holder easily. This situation makes poly bag a safe package for food storage at home and shops.

Clear Bags

Clear bags is made of polythene or polyethylene. They are both the original name of PE, which includes HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE in the industry. The material for the flat bags are important. They have to be clean and without any odor. The big smell from the bag will influence the food badly.

Food Safety Plastic Bags

This poly bag is majorly used on food stores and supermarkets. Household kitchen will also have some of the flat bag on rolls to keep food in the fridge. Virgin HDPE or LDPE is a must for the film extruding.

Bread Bags

clear bread bags food plastic sack
The bread bags are made into calendar blocks. It is easier for the chef and serviceman to get the bag easily. Just a quick tear will be able to get the bags in hand. The big size bread will use the large size. Baguette will be matched with french bread plastic bag.

Our company is a manufacturer of food bags. HDPE and LDPE are imported from middle east, korea and thailand. Our manufacturing factory has made bags for more than 10 years. With exporting experience to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and so on.