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Plastic Bag Market in Germany

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Germany is a Western European country with a terrain of vast forests and mountains. It has a long history and made great contribution to the world culture and science. Berlin, its capital, is the business and political center of Europe mainland.

There are many neighboring countries of Germany. They are France, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg. They are all developed countries with great demand for plastic packaging products like t-shirt plastic shopping bags, food packaging bags, garbage bags and bin liners.

Germany has many big and famous cities in the world. They are Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Bremen. These cities are the major consumption of poly bags for shopping and food.  Supermarkets famous here are Aldi, Edeka, Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Kaufland, Lidl, Metro Cash and Carry, Netto, Netto Marken-Discount.

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There are a lists of ports that can import plastic bags from China. They are Bremen, Bremerhaven, Brunsbuttel,
Duisburg, Emden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kiel and Luebeck. Usually plastic bag manufacturers in China load the poly bags in the container for cheaper cost of transportation. There are many plastic bag factories in China mainland. They are having good technology and materials to make the poly bags with good quality that can enter the Europe market in 2016.

Europe Anti-dump on China Plastic Bags Ended

About three years the anti-dump restriction on Chinese made plastic shopping bags and lifted and cancelled. From then on there are no barrier for exporters from China to find their partners in Germany. This free market will give advantage to the German consumers and they can spend less on their shopping and food packaging.

As a manufacturing company of hdpe and ldpe bags, our factory has been exporting to Germany for more than ten years without any stop. The quality of our products have been tested by the market. If you need biodegradable bags from China, we can also work it out because we are certified manufacturer of D2W and EPI.