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How to Identify “Food Grade” Flat Food Bags

PE flat bag is hugely served as packing of food in supermarkets in China and other countries. This article will teach you how to tell whether the flat bag on roll meets the “food grade” standards.

According to China GB9687 Sanitary Standards of Polyethylene Packing for Food and Techinical Requirements for Enviroment, Safety and Marking of Plastic Shopping Bags, all food containing PE bags in China should be printed with QS and For Food Use on the film. On the HDPE film, there should also be: manufacturer name, standard code, specification, material etc.

Then how to tell the safety of the food grade plastic bags in our life? We have interviewed some experts in the food packing industry. According to the experts, plastic bags can be made with PE or PVC plastic resin. If the food bag is made with PVC or recycled material there will be huge safety problem. Because huge amounts of Plasticizer is mixed in this kind of poly.

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Food Bag on a Roll

All the food grade flat bags should be made with Polyethylene or Polypropylene. To tell the difference with unsafe bags, there is a simple way: to burn the bag. If the bag film is easy to burn, and the melt plastic will drop like candle, then it’s good for food packing. If the bag is not easy to burn and can be stretched to silk, then it’s not good for food containing.

We did some test on different kind of plastic bags, all the bags with QS mark is easy to burn and smells like paraffin wax. All those without QS are not easy to burn. So this is a good way to tell the difference.

Food grade plastic bag manufacturer in China

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