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Increasing Demand for Biodegradable Plastic Bags in the World

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Plastic bag is a bag made of a thin, flexible plastic material, especially one with handles supplied by a shop to carry goods purchased there. It has been invented more than 50 years since its inception in Canada. Now the world is using huge amount of poly bags for carrying goods and keeping food. The polythene bags is a part of modern lifestyle.

However, most of the poly bag will exist in the world even after they are deposed.  The indiscriminate use of plastic shopping bags has been a major and visible environmental problem for many countries in the world. A landfill survey in 2015 in China indicates that some 20 billion plastic shopping bags are disposed of at landfills every year. This translates into more than three plastic shopping bags per person per day, which apparently go beyond the capacity of the natural environment.

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Biodegradable Bags & Compostable Bags

Many countries in Europe and America are now pushing the use of biodegradable plastic bags which is compostable in certain facilities.

Oxo-degrdable is not biodedegradable nor compostable

The traditional type of the degradable bags are added some additives in the manufacturing process. The main type of additives are D2W or EPI right now. They are the main stream in the packaging industry. A little portion of the D2w or EPI will enable the bags to degrade into small pieces at the garbage lands. The small pieces plastics are the worst result of the plastic packaging.

Real 100% biodegradable bags should be compostable

There are international standards for plastic bag composting. In Europe it is EN 13432. In United States it is ASTM D6400. Only the bags meeting with these standards are certified biodegradable.

The consumer trends is making a lot of plastic bags manufacturers switching to the production of environment friendly bags. These bags are a little more expensive but more friendly to our environment.

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