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Young Boy Wearing A Plastic T-shirt Vest Polybag

According to the latest, Afghanistan Footbal Association is going to set up a meeting between Barcelona superstar and youngster who got famous by wearing a blue candy striped plastic vest t-shirt bag on the internet.

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Murtaza Ahmadi is a five-year-old young fan whose picture was widely spread around the world. He is set to meet his hero Lionel Messi. The plastic bag boy became global news after a picture of the young man wearing a blue and white plastic t-shirt bag with ‘Messi 10’ written on the back. According to the boy, this is a campaign to unite him with his hero quickly. The superstar Messi is said to have been made aware of Murtaza’s story and wants to meet him.

The Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) is planning to arrange a meeting between the Barcelona superstar and the young boy, whose father previously said he himself is not able afford the tickets.

I love Messi and football. I will meet him one day,” the five-year-old told Al Jazeera.

“I want to become like him (Messi).”

A spokesman for the AFF, Syed Ali Kazemi, said: “We’ve been contacted by Messi’s team and they have expressed their interest in meeting the boy. “We are doing our best to coordinate their meeting. The date and the place is still not sure yet, but there are chances of Ahmadi flying to Spain to meet his idol”

Kazemi added that “the passion that Murtaza carries for football, we will do everything in our capacity to train him to be a part of our Afghanistan football team”.

This is an inspiring story in these days. The boy is in such a poor condition but he attracted the world by wear a similar jersy with Messi. It quite a innovation that his jersy is made of plastic t-shirt bag of the same stripe and color with Messi. Our company is manufacturing the same kind.