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Plastic Bag is Enviroment Friendly

Do you like plastic bag or paper bag more? Many say it looks like the paper bag is more enviroment friendly because medias say the use of poly bag will make the climate change worse and the marine creatures will suffocate. As a matter of fact, people mis-understand the danger of plastic bags. They think it is bad and we should ban them.

Bags made of polyethylene has been regarded as public enemy since a long time ago. Safeway company in United States started to use plastic bag at 1982. This company took the most market of retail packing. In 1996, 80% of the shopping bags in america is light weight bags made of polyethylene. Consumers like it very much. The film has been thiner and thiner after then. Many recycled materials was added in the manufacturing process of it. But one day public attitudes has changed sharply. San Francisco became the first big city in USA to ban the light weight shopping bags. After which there are 150 cities in the states to ban the shopping bags. These cities include Seattle, Log Angles and Chicago. Advocators think it will cut the city budget and save the money of tax payers. However, studies shows this is not right.

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The ban will not make the rubbish away. The fee of cleaning up the waste is still there. Plastic bag only take a little portion of the garbage. According to lastest studies it only takes 0.4% of the total volume of garbage. No evidence shows the ban will make the rubbish management lower.

The effects on marine is even smaller. Some say the poly sacks are creating a great garbage zone in the northern pacific. Even it is true the poly will not harm the fish or birds. So animals are safe. What about human? And our home? Common opinions think the shopping bags will jam the drain. Well it helps but the ultimate way is to reduce the garbage and clean up the drain output.

Then what about the energy used in the production of polyethylene bags? Will it be any good? People are wrong again on this. Light weight shopping bags are made with HDPE which is made from natural gas.
The bag manufacturing only needs a little portion of the gas storage. The bags will be used more than one time. Shopping bags can be used as garbage bag. According to studies each bag will be used 1.6 times. The LDPE bags can be reused 3.1 times in average. There have been problems caused by using unclean shopping bags. To solve this we should clean them before use them again.

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