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PP Woven bag is also called woven pp bag, which is used to contain a lot of products in trade. It is sewed from woven fabric which is made of polypropylene. Polypropylene woven sack can be used in many different industries.

Polypropylene Woven Sack Application

The bag is widely used for chemicals, fertilizer, minerals, sand, rice, grain, flour, animal feed, etc. The bag comes in different sizes and a standard size for each industry. Compared with PE bags, the PP bags are more stretch resistant. It can load more weight that other kind of products while not changing its shape.


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Other types of woven polypropylene sack

Other than the normal grain bags or flour bags, we can also make pe laminated fabric and the bags made of it. Also paper laminated bags for food or chemicals. The higher end product protects the cargo better. Jumbo bag is a ton bag that can carry much bigger load. Big bag is widely used in the industries and factories. Our company is a pp woven bag manufacturer and woven polypropylene sack supplier in china. The product is made from chemical polypropylene (PP) and it can take at 100kgs or 500kgs load. See how it is done? And find your new supplier? This company is one of your good choices.