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Produce Bags for Fruits and Vegetable Packaging

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Produce bag, by its name, is a kind of plastic bag used for containing fresh fruits and vegetables consumers buy at farmer’s market or supermarket. This kind of bag is usually manufactured without carrier handle. It is mostly transparent without any printing or short printing symbols.

Before the produce bags was implemented, consumers would put the fresh produce in their clothe totes. But there is a disvantage that the toto will not be able to keep the fresh fruits always fresh. The invention of plastic produce bag make it all easier to keep the vetetables and fruits in the process of shopping or storage in the fridge.

Unlike the t-shirt plastic bags, produce bags are a type of flat bag used for food and fresh packaging. The material is always food grade without any recycled poly added. And the colors are not in black or blue colors. The produce food bags are always transparent with clear poly film.

Produce Bag Manufacturing Company in China

For easier use at the market, the produce bags are manufactured on a roll with paper core inside the roll. One roll would weigh about 1kg to 4kgs depending on the size of the polybag and pieces per rolling.

Europe and the United States in the major consumer of this type of bag. Produces bags mostly are sold to supermarkets with their logo printed on or some suffocation warning words on the side the gusset. Green recycle words are printed as well.

Though made of plastic, they are high reusable if we keep the bags clean. They can be washed and dried for further use of packing of garbage and trash.

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Here are the fruits suitable for a packaging of poly bag. They are apples, citrus, bananas, cherries, berries, dates, melons. And vegetables like asparagus, basil, avocados, broccoli, carrots, celery, radishes, corn, cucumber, garlic, greens, letuce, Spinach, sweet potatos and tomatos. Banana bags are super poplar in tropical countries. The bananas will have to be packed in jumbo plastic hdpe bags before loaded in containers for ocean shipping.