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Produce Bags On Roll

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Produce bag is a term widely used in Western world especially in United States and Europe for plastic bags for food and greens. It’s a kind of HDPE bag made of HDPE plastic and other materials with standard bag manufacturing process. Most produce bag manufacturers are located in China and some other Asian countries.

The difference between produce bags and normal flat bags is mainly between the material. Because of the contact with food produce bags need better and cleaner material to provide safety for consumers using these.

As one of the largest plastic bag manufacturers in China, we are able to produce and supply all kinds of produce bags for clients all over the world. Our clients are mostly in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa. In our recent orders most of these bags are manufactured with high quality material and printed with certain words and logos.

These produce bags are mostly used in supermarkets and food stores. Other than printed products, there are also clear produce bags on roll which is cheaper in price.

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Produce Bags on Roll

We are main producer of hdpe flat bags and produce bags on roll in China. We have complete packaging solutions for retail business. Our annual production can be 20,000 tons and most of them are exported to Europe, North America and Canada. Your required products will be packed in cartons or other ways and loaded into containers.