Disposable Plastic Gloves

Disposable PE plastic gloves are made of HDPE or LDPE polyethylene film. It is mainly used for food handling, kitchen cooking, cleaning and examination. We are a plastic bag manufacturer and we also have a disposable plastic glove making lines. Our customers are mainly distributors of cleaning services and materials. End users for this is supermarket, households, laboratory, scientific institutions and so on.

Product Price: 0.9 USD/Roll
Stock: Available
Product ID: PG001
Material Grade: 5 Star

pe disposable gloves manufacturers


The bags are mostly transparent with clear film. Sometimes with logo. To order gloves from us, please send us size, thickness and weight per piece. The packing is important please choose the right solutions so we can quote the right price. We are also a wholesale supplier.

Disposable PE Gloves Different Size

There are different sizes small, medium, large, extra large and extra long.
extra long pe gloves plastic