Garbage Bag – Trash Bag – Bin Liners

Our company is professional in the manufacturing of garbage bags, trash bags and bin liners. It is our main product line and earns us reputation in the plastic bag industry. Our clients of garbage bags are many organizations including importers, dealers, distributors, shops, supermarkets, government bodies in North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Latin America.

HDPE Garbage Bags On Roll

hdpe garbage bag on roll

LDPE Garbage Bag On Roll

LDPE Garbage Bag on Roll

HDPE Drawstring Trash Bag

drawstring garbage bag trash

LDPE Garbage Bag by Individual

LDPE Garbage Bag by Individual

We have different packaging solutions for the trash bag and bin liner. The plastic bags can be t-shirt bags in roll, flat bags in roll, in blocks, star sealed in roll. Mostly put in carton. For railway transport can also put the rolls in the pp woven bags.

drawstring garbage bag on roll
Drawstring Garbage Bag on Roll

Video of the Bag Making Process

We are garbage bag manufacturer in China. If you need to visit, please contact us in advance. We have shipments to Eastern Europe, Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa regularly.