T-Shirt Shopping Bag

Looking for plastic t-shirt bags for shopping and food packaging? As a manufacturer of plastic bags, we produce all types of plastic shopping bags for merchandise. Plastic T-shirt bags are made with a carrier handle. The material is polyethylene which includes HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE. We are exporting to Europe, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, etc.

Clear/Transparent T-Shirt Bag on Roll

clear transparent t-shirt bags on roll

White/Milky T-Shirt Bag (Singlet Bags) in Block

white milky t-shirt bags in block

Black Color T-Shirt Bag in Bulk (West Africa Market)

black t-shirt bags africa

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Plastic T-Shirt Bag

The t-shirt bags has many uses. Due to it is a vest carrier bag with handles, it is often used for shopping. But in many cases, consumers use it as food and fruit bags. In the end, they turn it into garbage bags. This is a good recycle and prove the polybags to be reusable. In the manufacture process, we add masterbatch to adjust the color of the film. Normally the poly film is clear and transparent. The emboss can be added to the bag.

Our company is a biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer in China. We manufacture plastic shopping bags, food bags, garbage bags with hdpe and ldpe material and biodegradable materials.

Product Speficitaion

Material Low Density and High Density Polyethylene/Polythene
Colors White, Transparent, Blue, Yellow, Red, Candy Stripe, Embossed
Logo Customized
Packing On paper roll, in blocks.
Use For shopping, food containing, garbage recycle bag.