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Total Corbion Makes PLA from Sugarcane

Bioplastics maker Total Corbion PLA is taking its sustainability credentials to a whole new level. This company is now selling polylactic acid (PLA) made from sugarcane that is farmed in a certified sustainable process.

PLA Polymers Biodegradable Bags

Biodegradable Plastic Bags made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid)

The company, with headquarters in Gorichem, the Netherlands, said that it has commercialized the production of PLA resin certified by Bonsucro. Total Corbion is a joint venture company in Netherlands between poly maker Total SA and Corbion NV to make and market sustainable plastic resins. The PLA is used to make biodegradable plastic bags. Our company is a biodegradable plastic bag producer in China. Our make degradable bags with EPI technology.

Renewable material from sugarcane and sugar beets are used to produce lactic acid, which in turn is converted into PLA bioplastics. Thailand’s biggest sugar producer, Mitr Phol, achieved Bonsucro certification in July 2016, as the first sugar producer in the country to do so. It is highly friendly to the environment.

Following this milestone, Total Corbion is now “Bonsucro Chain of Custody certified,” which means that all claims of compliance with the Bonsucro standard can be tracked in supply chain, from field to mill. Corbion’s PLA resins are also produced in accordance within the process. The resins will be promoted within the company’s current PLA resin portfolio.

“A reduced carbon footprint and the multiple end-of-life solutions that PLA offers are key reasons why many brand owners convert from traditional plastics to PLA bioplastics,” said François de Bie, senior marketing director at Total Corbion PLA.

Total Corbion PLA has outlined its position on feedstock sourcing for bioplastics in a whitepaper published together with Corbion, which also includes the company stance on feedstock selection, land use, feedstock efficiency and food security.