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How to Re-use Plastic T-Shirt Bag Outdoors

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Plastic bag is a common thing that we can see in our daily life. In outdoors we can find also many discarded poly bag along the roads. Due to the chemical structure of the polyethylene the polybag is hard to degrade in the nature and become the main source of white pollution. The organizor would anounce that they should not litter rubbish especially those can not disappear itself. It is direct threat to our enviroment.

plastic bag recycling

We don’t quite agree with the act of littering bags outdoors. They have multiple uses in outdoors.
1. Used as garbage bags, bin liners. It is the most usual way to utilize them. We can tie the poly sack to the backpack so i will be easy for us to handle the rubbish generated in the way. And should not worry about contamination on other things.

2. Used as water proof material. There is big chance that it rains or get humid in the forest. The plastic film will make good protection on the electrical widgets. We can also cover the shoes with them to make the shoes dry for the next morning.

3. Water Storage. What if you don’t need a water bucket? Don’t worry. Find a good quality high thickness polybag and it will work as a soft and flexible bucket.

4. You can take a shower with perforated plastic bags. Other than jump into the river we have another different ways. Get a hdpe bag filled with water and hang it. After making perforations on it you can take a shower under it.

5. Sand sacks. The bag can be a sand sack to cover the edge of tents. It will protect the tent from wild wind.

6. Signal. In the jungles plastic bag can be tied to the trunks to make a mark. It will help others and yourself in the routing and avoid dangers.

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