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Vest-type plastic bags, roll-on bags banned by Mauritius Goverment

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According to the press release from Mauritius goverment, this country is going to ban the use of t-shirt plastic bags and roll-on bags.

According to the press release, hdpe plastic bags block gutters and drains, harm farm animals and wildlife and pollute the soil as they slowly break down in many years. The goverment of this country wants to do away with plastic bags so as to not only protect the environment but also to encourage sustainable life style of its people.

Plastic bag-free Mauritius

For a smooth transition to a plastic bag-free Mauritius, the Banning of Plastic Bags Regulations 2015 have been amended to avoid confusions around the definitions of plastic and plastic bags. This time the regulations prohibit importing, manufacturing, sales or supply of any kind of plastic bag as from 01st January 2016.

Only T-shirt Plastic Bags and Food Bags or Roll Banned

This new law regulate only the vest-type plastic shopping bags, roll-on bags and Non-Woven Polypropylene bags, which are designed to carry goods purchased at grocery, retail outlets, supermarkets. The import, manufacture, sale or supply of biodegradable and compostable plastic bags is allowed subject to strict conformity to appropriate standards written in the new plastic regulations. Moreover, the regulations do not allow any kind of non-woven polypropylene bags.
However, 11 types of plastic bags have been exempted for essential uses and hygienic and sanitary purposes, namely:
a) A transparent roll-on bag solely used to contain fresh, chilled or frozen seafood, meat, poultry, or offal other than canned food or eggs;
b) A bag designed to be used for the disposal of trash – garbage bag;
c) A bag designed for agricultural purposes, produce bag;
d) A bag used for science research – zip bags;
e) A bag that forms an integral part of the packaging in which goods are sealed before sale on the local market or for export;
f) A transparent pocket-type bag not exceeding 300 cm2 in size;
g) A transparent re-sealeable bag with security tamper used by a passenger to contain liquids, aerosols or gels at an airport or on board of an aircraft or carried by a transfer passenger;
h) A bag carried by a passenger disembarking from an aircraft or a ship for the purpose of carrying personal belongings; and
i) A bag manufactured for export.
j) A biodegradable plastic bag on which particulars are conspicuously displayed and;
k) A compostable plastic bag on which particulars are conspicuously displayed

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As a plastic bag manufacturer in China, we can export biodegradeble plastic bags, produce bags, garbage bags to Mauritius after this regulation.